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       Please find below the list of publications about the climate and the environment:

Newsbrief: Anything but numbers is open for discussion
The European Commission penalizes nuclear energy at the expense of the fight against global warming
Newsbrief: Climate: a weak France sacrificing its interests within a weak Europe
SLC Booklet: Climate Warming: Good questions and true answers
Natural Gas Treated as "Clean Energy" by the European Union, LREM and the Former President of WWF France
Presentation note : Nuclear Power reduced to 50 %: Less Security, More CO2
Nuclear Power reduced to 50 %: Less Security, More CO2
Fessenheim: the Second Step in a Disastrous Drift
Nuclear Excluded from EU Sustainable Finance? An Aberration!
Fessenheim Nuclear Reactor Permanent Shutdown - An Immense Waste for the Climate and for the Country
Australia: Has the War Against Climate Change Begun?
In 2020, France Must not Spoil Its Excellent "Climate Assets"
A Political Decision: The Early Shutdown of the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant ... an Approach à la Gribouille
EU must include nuclear power in its list of sustainable sources
Climate: Recognizing True from False
The New EU Parliament - A Change of Climate?
Electricity Storage, Reality and Perspectives
What Should We Make of the Assertions of Climate Change Skeptics ?
SLC meets the challenge of global warming mitigation to 1.5°C
International group of climate experts questioned President Macron's pledge to shrink nuclear power supply
"Save the climate" sent a letter to President Trump
Wind and solar electricity, CO2 emissions, and electricity prices for households in Western Europe
Manifesto Save the Climate
Dividing CO2 emissions from energy by four: the Negatep scenario