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Legal notice

  • Published on 12 January 2017

Legal Notice


Personal Data

All personal data communicated to "Sauvons le Climat" (Save the Climate) in the course of membership or while signing the manifesto are reserved to the exclusive use of the association and any of its service providers.

The corresponding files are not subject to communication to the C.N.I.L. in view of waivers 7 (non commercial communication files) and 8 (member and donor file handling)  according to the simplified norm N° 15 and 23.

Access rights in view of the modification and/or deletion of personal data can be obtained from the association's secretary  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from the head office  :

Sauvons Le Climat
15 passage Ramey
75018 Paris - FRANCE

 in accordance with the French data protection act - law 78-17 « Informatique et Libertés » 6 January 1978.

Intellectual Property

Any reproduction or presentation of whole or part of the articles, communiques, studies and, generally of all documents pictures and videos presented on this site must be submitted to the explicit and prior agreement of the "Sauvons le Climat" (Save the Climate) association.

The presentation and graphics of the site, the associated data bases, the information processing, are the property of the association "Sauvons le Climat" (Save the Climate). They, as a whole, represent a specific work  that is protected under the dispositions of the French intellectual property legislation.

External Links

The creation of any links to this site is subject to the agreement of the association "Sauvons le Climat" (Save the Climate).

Any links from this site to other sites are provided as sources of information and the association "Sauvons le Climat" (Save the Climate) can in no manner be held liable for the content of the destination sites or  their conformity to the laws and regulations that apply.


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