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  • Published on 18 January 2017

Welcome to our new payment interface!

For electronic payments, we use the services of Paypal, partner of the biggest names of online commerce.

You can make a donation by the following means of payment: Paypal, bank card, check or transfer.

Payment by credit card is done on the Paypal site in the same way as on any merchant site, under secure protocol https, and does not require the opening of a Paypal account.

Donation by Paypal or credit card:

  • Click the "Donate" button below to complete the transaction from our secure Paypal site through our ordering system. PayPal - the simplest and most secure online payment solution!

Donation by check or transfer:

  • Download and print the payment form containing our bank references and contact details of the treasurer.
  • Complete the form with your personal information.
  • Send the form to the treasurer with your check, or to inform him of the references of your transfer.
  • After validation of the operation by the treasurer, a receipt will be sent to you by mail.

Save the climate thank you for your contribution.

Questions about online payment

You have chosen to pay your contribution by credit card, or by your Paypal account if you have one

The requested "billing information" is mandatory for all transfers of funds and transactions. (In an order on a merchant site, this data is entered after the finalization of your basket).
After entering the card numbers and billing information, click "Pay" at the bottom of the window.
Your payment is made.

At the bottom of the next screen "Create a Paypal account", click on "No thank you" in response to the proposal to open Paypal account.

Note that the only identification, address and telephone information collected for a CB payment is not sufficient for the account opening.
To do this, additional information is required, vital information, a password, "secret data" and other very strict verification procedures to guarantee users against the risks of piracy.

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