Article published in the Figaro of December 26, 2006

(Le Figaro talks about Saving Climate without saying it, these 3 Nobel Prize winners are the sponsors)

France must remain at the top of the fight against global warming

By Georges Charpak *, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes * and Jean-Marie Lehn **

* Nobel Prize in Physics ** Nobel Prize in Chemistry

"Developed countries need to demonstrate that greenhouse gas emission limitation through modern technologies is possible without major economic disadvantages or loss of quality of life"


UE 2019 39bis

Sauvons Le Climat : 2019 12th Summer School

Orléans – Nouan le Fuzelier             19, 20 and 21 september 2019

Reducing CO2 emissions from buildings


Site visit and introductory conference on September 19 (Orléans)

Summer school proper all day September 20 and in the morning September 21 (Nouan le Fuzelier)


Sauvons le Climat will hold its 2019 summer school from September 19 to September 21 morning. The theme of this year's school is energy decarbonation in buildings (replacing carbon based energies with carbon-free energy sources, improving energy efficiency, developing home automation).


For  more information and registration (in French) :  Sauvons Le Climat : 2019 12th Summer School

Detailed programme   and   Registration form


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Scenario NEGATEP

NEGATEP (NEGATOE in english) is a deep decarbonation scenario for France. 2017 update :

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